Last year, a record 16,653 students in Chicago Public Schools were known to be homeless.  

The Homestretch focuses on a number of these adolescents as they navigate the treacherous journey into adulthood.  An intimate, powerful, original perspective on what it means to be young, homeless, and trying to build your future in America today.

A co-production with Kartemquin Films, The Homestretch is being made possible through a MacArthur Foundation Documentary Film Grant and development funds from The Sundance Institute.   Currently in production and scheduled for release in 2014.  

"Having worked with homeless students for over three years, I find The Homestretch refreshing in its realistic portrayal of the issues homeless youth face on a daily basis. I also find it affirming and empowering of the youth it portrays as it shows the determination and resilience they display in order to maintain their education. Spargel Productions understands the population they document as they are actively involved in working with them and advocating on their behalf. As a part Chicago HOPES Supporting Homeless Youth conference, Spargel presented footage from their work with homeless youth and riveted our audience of educators and resource providers. Their presentation worked to reaffirm and, in some cases, restore our audiences' view of the humanity of these children, which can sometimes be lost in the complex realm of social services."
-- Luis Valadez, Program Manager, Chicago HOPES